Friends of Vocamus Press Authors


Nicole Abouhalka

NICOLE ABOUHALKA is an author of shourt fiction and memoir.

D. L. Castle

D.L. Castle is a memoirist and fiction writer.

Vincent Gilbert

VINCENT GILBERT is the author of THE RELUCTANT GUNNER, a memoir about serving in India during WWII.

Allison Roland Jay

ALLISON ROLAND JAY is a memoirist and former RCMP officer.

Kim Davids Mandar

KIM DAVIDS MANDAR is a writer of poetry and children's literature.

Janet Manne

JANET MANNE is a memoirist living in Guelph, Ontario.

Michelle McMillan

MICHELLE MCMILLAN is a writer of poetry and memoir.

M. J. Robert

M. J. Robert is a Friend of Vocamus Press

Marian Thorpe

MARIAN THORPE is a writer of young-adult adventure, urban fantasy, verse, and observations of the natural world.

Penelope Winters

PENELOPE WINTERS is a writer of memoir.