Danielle Joworski

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DANIELLE JOWORSKI focuses on helping women entrepreneurs and businesses owners to connect with their audience through their written communications. Her range of experiences and perspectives, from manufacturing to holistic healing, bring flexibility to her writing style that suit both creative and analytical outlets.

As an international, best-selling author of The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls, Danielle has a passion for empowering women to reflect on their life passions and mentor our younger generation of girls through their own empowerment journey. As a recurring columnist and contributing writer for a number women’s online outlets, Danielle shares her triumphs, tribulations and everything in-between, based on the ideology that women can become prodigies of each other’s wisdom.

The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls (Hasmark Publishing, 2015)