Friends of Vocamus Press Authors

Literary Fiction

Douglas Davey

DOUGLAS DAVEY is a writer of literary YA fiction.

Stephen Henighan

STEPHEN HENIGHAN is a novelist, critic, and translator.

Jeremy Luke Hill

JEREMY LUKE HILL is the publisher at Vocamus Press and the Managing Director at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Adam Lindsay H…

ADAM LINDSAY HONSINGER is a writer, teacher, illustrator, and musician.

Kasia Jaronczyk

KASIA JARONCZYK is a writer of short stories and novels.

Dan Matwey

DAN MATWEY is a writer of inspirational non-fictiion.

Greg Rhyno

GREG RHYNO is an author of literary novels and poetry.

Karen Smythe

KAREN SMYTHE is an author of literary novels and short fiction.

Maria Stengos …

MARIA STENGOS CAMAMERT is a writer of psychological horror and fantasy.

Robert Young

R.B. Young is a published short-story writer and author of a mystery novel.