Friends of Vocamus Press Authors


Nicole Abouhalka

NICOLE ABOUHALKA is an author of shourt fiction and memoir.

Jared Brock

JARED BROCK is an author and film director.

D. L. Castle

D.L. Castle is a memoirist and fiction writer.

Vincent Gilbert

VINCENT GILBERT is the author of THE RELUCTANT GUNNER, a memoir about serving in India during WWII.

Allison Roland Jay

ALLISON ROLAND JAY is a memoirist and former RCMP officer.

Kim Davids Mandar

KIM DAVIDS MANDAR is a writer of poetry and children's literature.

Janet Manne

JANET MANNE is a memoirist living in Guelph, Ontario.

Michelle McMillan

MICHELLE MCMILLAN is a writer of poetry and memoir.

M. J. Robert

M. J. Robert is a Friend of Vocamus Press

Marian Thorpe

MARIAN THORPE is a writer of young-adult adventure, urban fantasy, verse, and observations of the natural world.

Penelope Winters

PENELOPE WINTERS is a writer of memoir.