Friends of Vocamus Press Authors


Phil Andrews

PHIL ANDREWS is a writer, journalist, and communications consultant. He is the editor of GUELPH MERCURY RISING.

Jared Brock

JARED BROCK is an author and film director.

Mary Ann Burrows

MARY ANN BURROWS is a writer of non-fiction and the Director of Fundraising at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Ed Butts

EDWARD BUTTS is an author of books on history.

Cheryl Cowtan

CHERYL R COWTAN is an award-winning educator and author whose love of writing shines through in her fiction and non-fiction works.

Lisa Dalrymple

LISA DALRYMPLE is a writer of picture books, novels and non-fiction for kids.

Fred Dawkins

FRED DAWKINS is a writer of books on entrepreneurship and also speculative fiction.

Sheri Doyle

SHERI DOYLE is a freelance writer and editor, an author of poetry and fiction, and Director of Communications at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Barbara Heagy

BARBARA HEAGY is a writer of inspirational non-fiction.

Bill Hulet

BILL HULET is awriter of non-fiction.

Tamara Jong

TAMARA JONG is a writer of fiction and non-fiction.

Danielle Joworski

DANIELLE JOWORSKI is a writer of inspirational non-fiction.

Linda Kenyon

LINDA KENYON is a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction.

Michael Kleiza

MICHAEL KLEIZA writes poetry, non-inspirational non-fiction and is an editor of Rhapsody .

Sheila Koop

SHEILA KOOP writes poetry, short stories, bits of creative non­fiction and is currently working on a novel for preteens.

Melody Leclair

MELODY LECLAIR is the author of a book on coping with mental health issues.

Laura Lush

LAURA LUSH is a writer of poetry, short stories, and creative no-fiction.

Robert Lyon

ROBERT LYON is a writer of books on religion.

Donna McCaw

DONNA MCCAW is a storyteller and poet from Elora.

Michelle McMillan

MICHELLE MCMILLAN is a writer of poetry and memoir.

Marco Muzzi

MARCO MUZZI is a writer of mystery and crime fiction.

Michelle Nogueira

MICHELLE NOGUIERA is a writer of children's non-fiction.

Rob O'Flanagan

ROB O'FLANAGAN is a journalist and poet. He is the co-author of OPEN UP THE SKY: A POETIC CONVERSATION.

Jerry Prager

JERRY PRAGER is a writer of poetry, novels, and history.

Matt Soltys

MATT SOLTYS is a witer of activist and environmental non-fiction.

Margie Taylor

MARGIE TAYLOR is an author of novels and non-fiction.

Tim Tencher

TIM TENCHER is a writer of self-help books.

Marian Thorpe

MARIAN THORPE is a writer of historical and urban fantasy.

Arun Trikha

ARUN TRIKHA is a writer of books on nutrition.

Elaine Uskoski

ELAINE USKOSKI is a writer of parenting books.

Kira Vermond

KIRA VERMOND is a writer of non-fiction books for childreen and pre-teens.

Kelly Waterhouse

KELLY WATERHOUSE is a journalist.

Roelf Woldring

ROELF WOLDRING is an author of non-fiction books on finances.