Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to the new digital home of Vocamus Press and Friends of Vocamus Press!

There are still a few things we're cleaning up, and there's lots more content to come, but this is now officially our new site.

Why did we need it? Well, the new site allows us to support the Guelph and area writing community far better. Authors who are Friends of Vocamus Press will now have their own accounts and be able to update their own profiles. It's now easier to search by author, and title, and genre. Much of our behind the scene processes for promoting events and adding content has been streamlined. We're able to distinguish much better between Vocamus Press itself and the Friends of Vocamus Press non-profit arm. And so much more. Trust us. It was worth it.

Of course, there may still be a few things out of place. If you notice something we should really get fixed, you can let us know by emailing info@vocamus.net.

Lastly, we should also mention that none of this would have been possible without the work of the people at Bailey Creative, who did the website design, and we couldn't have afforded it without a very generous financial donation from Kim Lang, one of Guelph's tireless supporters of literary arts. We're very thankful to their commitment to Friends of Vocamus Press, and we're planning an official website launch party to thank them, so keep your eyes open for details.