Our Spring 2017 Sponsor Rewards Package

We just released our first rewards package to thank all our generous supporters. If you weren't among them, here's what you missed.

All our supporters received three great ebooks by local authors:

1) Cheryl Cowtan's Girl Desecrated -  A fantasy romance with vampires, asylums, and sexy highlanders. What more could you want?

2) James Clarke's Winter With Flowers - James Clarke is a widely published poet, with more than a dozen volumes in print. Winter With Flowers is a legacy project comprised of more personal, spiritual, and reflective poetry.

3) John Galt's The Apostate - John Galt was the founder of Guelph as well as a poet, playwright, and novelist. This edition combines his play and prose version of a story that explores colonial issues in early Canada.

Supporters at the $50 tier also received a paperback copy of ETCH 2017, a collection of the winning stories from the Guelph Public Library's annual Teen Writing Contest, with their names listed in the acknowledgements.

We also threw in a copy of Pat Mestern's novel, Granite, and some poetry postcards.

Supporters at the $100 tier also received a paperback copy of Vocamus Press' spring title, Guelph Mercury Rising, a collection of short stories from former writers at the Guelph Mercury.

Supporters at the $250 tier also received copies of books from other local publishers: Nick Dinka's The Artist and the Engineer from Fenylalanine Press; Devon Kerslak's Some Memories About Memory from Publication Studio Guelph; and Margaret-Ann Brix's Grandpa's Butterfly from One Thousand Trees.

We've got great things planned for the fall package too, including recognition in our Rhapsody 2017 poetry anthology and more great ebooks. You can get these and other bookish prizes fro Guelph area authors and publishers by clicking on the Donate Now button in the upper-left of this page or by going directly to our Patreon site.