Kasia Jaroncyk Releases "Polish(ed)"

Guelph author Kasia Jaronczyk has co-edited a collection of short stories called, Polish(ed): Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction with Małgorzata Nowaczyk, publiched by Guernica Editions.

Polish(ed): Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction is the only anthology of Polish-Canadian writing in Canada and includes many internationally acclaimed and award-winning Canadian writers. What is the literary and cultural benefit of a diaspora anthology? It presents work from a community, a family of writers. It represents a cultural contribution to Canadian literature. It makes it known where they come from personally and metaphorically, what inspires them. The contributors to Polish(ed) are all writers who share Polish-ness, in whatever ways they define it: as a part of their personal story, be it through similar experiences or influences; as a perspective on the world; as a sense of history and of who they are. The collection also features Canadian writers who have no Polish roots, but are interested in various aspects of Poland and Polish culture.