Our Fall 2017 Rewards Package is (Finally) Here

Vocamus Writers Community is pleased to release our Fall 2017 rewards package to thank our generous supporters. Yes, we know it's already Winter 2018, but we wanted to complete the rebrand to our new name before we released the package. You can check out all the cool bookish swag below.

If you'd like to support Vocamus Writers Community too (and get a package of goodies like this twice a year), you can do that through our Patreon site.


All our supporters had their names included in the acknowledgements of our Rhapsody 2017 annual anthology of Guelph and area writing.

Supporters at the $25 tier got also access to three great new ebooks, all generously donated by local authors:

  • 1) Isabel Millar's Endangered! –  A beautifully illustrated pre-teen story about a wildlife photographer and cheeky cheetah, based on actual events.
  • 2) Ann Clayton's Migration – A collection of poetry about the experience of coming to Canada from South Africa.
  • 3) Mark Whoachickie's Playing Amongst Summer Mountains – The first in a series of children's picture books set in the Rocky Mountains, with wonderful illustrations by Sam Phippen.

Supporters at the $50 tier got also received a paperback copy of Rhapsody 2017, our annual anthology of poetry featuring more than twenty-five area poets.

Supporters at the $100 tier also received a selection of locally produced chapbooks:

  • 1) Marina Gascho's Sucker for an Octopus (Fenylalanine Press) – a quirky story about a woman who discovers an unexpected friendship with an octopus.
  • 2) Adam Lindsay Honsinger's Ophelia (Vocamus Offcuts) – a tale about an elderly woman in a nursing home who just may have been Shakespeare's Ophelia.
  • 3) Jeremy Luke Hill's Trumped (Vocamus Offcuts), poetry written from the words of Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump.

Supporters at the $250 tier also received copies of books from other local publishers:

  • 1) Marion Reidel's We Drank Wine (Sun Dragon Press) – a comical collection of linked stories about four women who face life’s challenges together.
  • 2) Kade L. Twiste's Marginal Equity (Publication Studio Guelph) – a book-length poem that parodies the form of a government / business prospectus.
  • 3) Jerry Prager's Echoes in the Timbers (The Elora Poetry Centre) – a beautifully hand-made chapbook of poems on the death and inquest of Margaret Buckingham, a former slave who settled in Puslinch County.