Publication Studio Guelph Calls for New Writing

Publication Studio Guelph is looking for new, original writing to publish in 2018. They’ve published graphic novels, poetry, short stories, novels, and works of non-fiction on a range of topics. To express your interest, send an email to

Publication Studio prints and binds books by hand, creating original work with artists and writers they admire. The studio serves as a space for publication in its fullest sense: it doesn't simply produce books, but also brings people together through the shared experience of reading. It makes every book one at a time as needed and attends to the social life of a book using any means possible to expand its circle of readers: physical books, eBooks, and wild social events. This breathes life into the written word on paper, online, and through discussion.

Publication Studios are active around the world in cities like Portland (US), Vancouver (CA), London (UK), Oakland (US), Hudson (US), Minneapolis (US), Guelph (CA), Rotterdam (NL), Edmonton (AB), São Paulo (BR), Glasgow (SL), and Dakar (SN).