Rhapsody 2017

RHAPSODY 2017 is a collection of Guelph poetry published by Friends of Vocamus Press to increase public awareness of Guelph poets.

The 2017 edition of the anthology includes a diverse group of local writers from established authors to emerging talents on a wide variety of subjects, with cover art generously donated by KC Hornsby. They come together to reveal a valuable part of literary Guelph in the year 2016 / 2017.

This year’s contributors include:

Zane Koss Valerie Senyk Amelia Meister Anna Bowen jeffrey reid pettis Greg Rhyno Mike Chaulk Jerry Prager Candace de Taeye Paul Hoy Darcy Hiltz James Clarke Donna McCaw Nicholas Ruddock Kathryn Edegecombe Michelle McMillan Burl Levine Bieke Stengod Jeremy Luke Hill Don Proctor Nina Kirkegarrd Nikki Everts Jessie Winokur L. Nesbitt Madhur Anand Rob O'Flanagan Michael Kleiza