Peter Szabo

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Peter Szabo writes fiction and screenplays and is also a filmmaker.

Since 2006, he has written and directed seven short films, produced two independent, feature-length movies (both obtained worldwide sales and distribution), and contributed to several creative film & video projects. One of his proudest accomplishments was writing a screenplay adaptation of the short story, Nona, by Stephen King, which he then directed as a film renamed Love Never Dies. He is a Lifetime Honorary Member (and former board member) at Guelph’s Ed Video Media Arts Centre.

Peter graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts, Honors Degree in English Literature. He then generated income as a versatile communication specialist in various industries writing technical documentation and marketing materials.

He is a lifelong reader (fave authors include Charles Dickens, John Irving, Stephen King, and Brandon Sanderson). Reading led to writing stories for many years, but he lacked the confidence to submit for publication. In 2020, he returned to his passion for fiction writing and drafted his first fiction novel, The Sleeping Beauty Curse, a science-fiction/thriller. He is still fine-tuning his first novel, exploring publishing options, and in the editing stages for his second novel, a sequel--working title The Revived.