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L.M. Spilsbury talks to her dogs, rides a retired racehorse named Larry, and loves long conversations while holding hands with her partner the Scuba Diver. They live on a small rural property, which they share with an assortment of wild critters, including several cheeky squirrels that keep trying to nest in their cars. She has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, and for most of her life, she spent her daylight hours in a chemistry lab, supervising the analysis of animal-derived food in support of food safety in her home province. After hours, she focused on her passions, the three ‘r’s’ – reading, riding and (w)riting. Now, she’s finally living her dream, and has become a real live SciFi-Fantasy author.

She has written a number of science fiction novels set in the next century in Toronto, Canada. These include Immunity Cage, Immunity Bond, and Immunity Flight, with a fourth book in the series coming out in 2024. Short stories set in the same universe are available to her newsletter subscribers. You can join the list here – https://www.lmspilsbury.com/contact.

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