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SUE WILLIAMS grew up in a nine-room century hotel in Verner, a small northern Ontario town along the TransCanada Highway. She graduated from Queen’s University with a science degree in occupational therapy, and practised OT for over thirty years.

Sue’s writing career began when, as a result of a life-altering experience while in her fifties, she found herself with a story that she felt needed telling. Through creative writing courses at the University of Toronto and the University of Guelph she learned how to tell it. In 2016, Sue left the healthcare field to focus full time on completing her first book, Ready to Come About (Dundurn Press, 2019). Her memoir has garnered high praise from award-winning author of Women Talking, Miriam Toews, and it has been chosen as a 'recommended read' by bookstores such at The Bookshelf in Guelph, as well as The Globe and Mail.

Aside from family and work, a lifelong passion of Sue’s has been fibre-arts, particularly recycling old bits of yarn and scraps of fabric into things new - a process that, according to her, is not dissimilar to writing. Sue lives with her husband in Guelph. They have three grown sons and two granddaughters. She is now working on a novel set in homecare.

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Ready to Come About (Dundurn Press, 2019)