Michelle McMillan

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Michelle McMillan has chronicled the many manifestations of her life with a sense of curiosity and revelation. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, she completed her education in Guelph, Ontario, and made it her home. Retired from busy careers as museologist and importer/retailer, with adjunct occupations as martial arts instructor and horticultural therapist; she has gratefully settled into the full pleasure of being a mother, gardener and writer. Her poetry has been published in Rhapsody and her nonfiction in Guelph Speaks, TongRen, The Guelph Mercury, ArtAscent and Vox feminarum. She has studied writing with Alison Wearing, Alison Dale, Lorraine Gane, Brian Henry, Melinda Burns, the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa and the Creative Writing program of the University of Guelph. She is a member of Guelph’s Vocamus Writers Community. She is presently working on a memoir.