Vocamus Press - Poetry


Heather Cardin

Heather Cardin is poet. She co-authored OPEN UP THE SKY: A POETIC CONVERSATION with Rob O’Flanagan.

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Candace De Taeye

Candace De Taeye is a print based poet and paramedic based in Guelph, ON

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Jeremy Luke Hill

Jeremy Luke Hill is the publisher at Vocamus Press and the Managing Director at Friends of Vocamus Press.

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Paul Hoy

Paul Hoy's poetry is shaped by the natural landscape and the wilderness of northern Canada.

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Kathleen James

Kathleen James is the author of ELI, ELI, poems about the death of her young child.

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Michael Kleiza

Michael Kleiza writes poetry and is the an editor of Rhapsody .

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David J. Knight

David J. Knight is the General Editor of Vocamus Editions, an imprint that promotes the literary heritage of Guelph, Ontario.

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Rob O'Flanagan

Rob O'flanagan is a journalist and poet. He is the co-author of OPEN UP THE SKY: A POETIC CONVERSATION.

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Andy Perry

Andrea (Andy) Perry is a poet, fiction, and non-fiction writer. She released her debut collection of poetry, RISE, in 2016.

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