Janice Wiseman

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JANICE WISEMAN is now technically “retired” as a playwright and freelance arts journalist, but she couldn’t resist a friend’s request – no, demand – to see her work, so she began writing and illustrating children’s stories.

When she isn’t writing or illustrating books, Janice works in her wonderful perennial garden, grows house plants under lights, and bakes Mrs. Thing’s special oatmeal cookies (her recipe is available on request).

Janice received a B.A. in English Literature from Bishop’s University. She has since been an actor, playwright, drama teacher, arts reviewer, editor, research assistant, storyteller, and artist. She received a Canada Council Grant for her work in 1990.

She now lives in Guelph with her companion and friend, Jack the cat. She visits frequently with her literary altar-ego, Mrs. Thing.

Janice’s Webpage

Jum Apple Pear (Janice Wiseman, 2017)
Grasshopper Pie in First Class Acts (First Class Acts, Pembroke Publications, 1993)
Barnardo Kids! (Galaxies III, Addison-Wesley. 1992)
A Gingerbread House (Playwrights Guild of Canada)
Hurrah for Willoughby D! (Playwrights Guild of Canada)
Monica Drew is a Kangaroo (Playwrights Guild of Canada)
OD! (Playwrights Guild of Canada)