Rhapsody 2014

Rhapsody 2014

RHAPSODY 2014 is a collection of poetry and very short prose by Guelph and area writers.

The 2014 edition of the anthology includes a variety of local writers, from established authors to emerging talents, on subjects that run from first-time parenthood to ominous snowplows, from dead insects to polio outbreaks, from skating in Guelph’s market square to the taxonomy of birds. They come together to reveal an intriguing part of what literary Guelph was in the year 2013 / 2014.

This year’s contributors include:

Madhur Anand,
Cid Brunet
Doug Davey
Nikki Everts-Hammond
Jeremy Luke Hill
Darcy Hilts
Andrew Hood
Karen Houle
Michael Kleiza
Burl Levine
Joel McNutt
Michelle McMillan
Amelia (Meme) Meister
Shane Neilson
Rob O’Flanagan
Matt Payne
Jerry Prager
Nicholas Ruddock
Valerie Senyk
Carrie Snyder
Bieke Stengos
Kai Van Der Meer

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