Paul Hoy

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PAUL HOY is a poet residing in Guelph, Ontario. His poetry is shaped by the natural landscape and the wilderness of northern Canada. Paul, whose poetry is about love and loss, describes himself as “serious romantic.” In his poetry, the world is his love object, and is part of a larger poem, the poem that is the restless life of the poet.

He admires the poetry of Jim Harrison, Jack Gilbert and Seamus Heaney and the prose of Ernest Hemingway, Richard Ford and Cormac McCarthy. His favourite lines, from Jim Harrison, go like this: “I’ve decided to make up my mind / about nothing, to assume the water mask, / to finish my life disguised as a creek…”

Paul studied English Literature at the University of Toronto and has worked as a writer in the software industry for nearly twenty years. Paul will see his first collection of poetry published with Vocamus Press next fall.

Paul’s favourite canoe stroke is the stationary bow draw.

Writings by Paul Hoy