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ROB O'FLANAGAN has been a newspaper reporter, photojournalist and columnist for nearly twenty years. He has won numerous Ontario Newspaper Awards and a National Newspaper Award. He is the author of The Stories We Tell and The Blown Kiss Collection, two volumes of short fiction that began as a CBC Radio series in northern Ontario. He writes, performs and records poetry, and is a visual artist. Raised on a farm in central Saskatchewan, he is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. He lives in Guelph and is currently writing a novel.

His collection of poetry, Open Up the Sky: A Poetic Conversation, co-authored with Heather Cardin, is available from Vocamus Press.

Open Up the Sky: A Poetic Conversation (Vocamus Press, 2015)
The Blown Kiss Collection (CatchFire Press, 2000)
The Stories We Tell (White Mountain Publications, 1998)

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