Blood Shield

Blood Shield

Nothing is right in the forest.

As a foster kid, sixteen-year-old Lennon has fought for acceptance his whole life. Three months after the events in Blood Patch (Book 1), he’s still trying to control his newly-acquired paranormal abilities. He takes refuge in an abandoned hospital with his best friend, Hank, a young Sasquatch. But, Hank desperately misses his family, and Lennon makes the heart-breaking decision to take him home.

The last thing Ashley needs right now is to waste a winter weekend roughing it in the bush. She knows Lennon’s magical secret and senses he faces grave danger if he goes alone into the wilderness. Grudgingly, Ashley blows off fight training class and her first date in months. She packs her dagger and joins Lennon and Hank on an unimaginable journey where finding a Sasquatch clan is the easy part.

Without warning, they are thrust into a terrifying reality guarded by a mystical barrier. Ashley’s worst fears take form as armed factions emerge from the deep shadows, some of them wielding serious magic, all of them targeting Ashley and Lennon. The teens evade one enemy only to find themselves in the crosshairs of another. As the endgame nears, their only chance of surviving the cursed forest is to fight magic with magic. It’s not looking good.

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