Empire's Passing

Empire's Passing

When empires fall, daughters rise.

As the Eastern Empire falls, Gwenna wrestles with a precarious legacy: her father’s vision of an alliance among Ésparias, Linrathe and Varsland. Rumours of rebellion against her leadership spread, forcing her to confront not just external threats but treachery from those she loves the most.

Haunted by grief and the echoes of war, Lena embarks alone on a dangerous journey to fulfil one of Cillian’s last wishes. Each step forces her to confront the ghosts of her past and forge a new path, one that may bring answers—or ignite retribution that could destroy them all.

Bound by love, divided by duty, fighting to find new lives beyond loss, mother and daughter must shape not only their own futures, but that of their land too. Empire's Passing is the last book in the epic saga, Empire's Legacy.

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