Nine Bodies in a Puddle

Nine Bodies in a Puddle

Nine Bodies in a Puddle is a collection of nine interconnected short stories that follow nine characters who discover a body of water. When they step into the water, they switch places with their reflection. The stories progress from an initial fairy-tale/fantasy style toward horror.


If you are reading this book in the presence of other people, I need you to stop immediately.


Wait until you are completely isolated, locked away, and hidden from the world.

Find someplace that is entirely silent. The sound of birds chirping, the humming of an air conditioner, the distant chatter of people a few rooms away – escape it.

Bring a mirror.

Once there, isolated from the rest of the world, focus on the details of your reflection.

Stare intently at the echo of your blinking.

Look into the whites of your eyes.

Isn’t it wrong?

It looks nothing like you.


Written by Colin Dunbar, author of The Era of the Orb, Sanity in the Absurd, and The Creator's Almanac.

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