Reaper Bliss

Dark magic is afoot this night . . .

For a few extra bucks, Bliss Moonbeam Cornwall dresses up as the Grim Reaper to scare the kids and hand out candy at the Belcourt Nursery’s Halloween gala. So far, so good.

Until the clock ticks toward midnight, and Halloween becomes Samhain. Wrapped in her Reaper robe, Bliss accompanies the local coven to the abandoned Darkwood Burial Ground for the pagan holiday celebrating harvest’s end. There’s food and mead, a bonfire and dancing. The festivities are in full swing when Bliss notices a few of the old gravestones are icy to the touch – and glowing in the fog-shrouded cemetery. She remembers too late that, during Samhain, the lines between the physical and spirit worlds blur.

The coven is thrilled – will they finally witness departed souls crossing the thinning Veil to visit and share their feast? Since Bliss is the township’s Cemetery Inspector, she’s responsible for the integrity of the site. Retreat is not an option for her.

The first spirit to full-on manifest isn’t interested in partying with the pagans. He can’t keep his eyeholes off the little Reaper, and Bliss suspects he had a bad death experience and is out for revenge. Soon, a second long-dead soul hovers over its Celtic cross before drifting towards the welcoming fire. Every grave in the cemetery lights up, and a full-on soul invasion seems imminent.

Will Bliss find a way to save the pagans and herself from the otherworldly forces amassing in Darkwood? What in Hades will happen if she can’t?

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