Immunity Bond

Immunity Bond

Jian is Heredis Corporation’s most valuable Genetically Modified Human. He’s exposed to deadly diseases. His immune system is harvested to protect Normals from outbreaks.

The time: one hundred years from now, one year after Jian learns the dreadful secret that destroyed his Triad.

While recovering from the trauma, he is the target of a botched abduction attempt. Afterwards, HCo is suddenly in a hurry to integrate him into a new Triad – despite his objections.


As the addictive Triad conditioning takes hold and he falls under his new lovers’ spell, his life become more and more baffling. Why does an old joyhouse client summon him on his wedding night? Why is HCo testing a new medical device on him?

Soon, even his new partners can’t help him. Because they have become a liability.

The Modified Humans series portrays a future society altered by climate change, wars and pandemics. Couched in an unconventional love story, filled with twists and turns, Immunity Bond affirms the indomitable humanity at the core of each one of us.

Warning: this book contains a menage relationship and explicit sexuality.

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