Immunity Cage

Immunity Cage

He was created to protect ordinary humans – Normals -- from deadly diseases.

It’s the early 22nd century. Climate change, wars, and pandemics have decimated humanity. Jian is a genetically modified human: owned, rare, and valuable. His special immune system is harvested to save people’s lives.

On the surface, he lives a life of luxury and privilege, but he’s really a slave, controlled through addictive conditioning to two perfect lovers. When his lovers die in the New Spanish outbreak, no one knows how to turn the conditioning off.

As his health and sanity fail, his makers move toward extreme solutions. Helped by Normals he barely knows, Jian must find a way to save himself… before it’s too late.

Set in a future where haves and have-nots are starkly divided, this action-filled SciFi novel celebrates friendship, loyalty and love – all the things that make us human.

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