Immunity Flight

Immunity Flight

What if you’d been created in a test tube, but lived your life outside the reach of the creators who owned you? Until the day they claimed you back…

Liss is unique among Genetically Modified Humans. She was raised in a Normal family. She married a Normal. She had a career as an exobiologist.

But when Jian, Heredis Corporation’s most valuable Modified, loses his Triad support system, she’s forced into a new Triad relationship with him and a younger Modified, Aundrey.

Triad addiction is all-consuming. She forgets her past life. Until an unexpected trigger awakens her memories. The trouble is, her feelings for her new partners don’t disappear.

When the three are separated and cast adrift in a city that is descending into chaos, Liss finds herself fighting not only for her life, but for the right of each one to choose their own future.

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