Story Maker: an illustrated book of knitting, fibre & fable

Story Maker: an illustrated book of knitting, fibre & fable

“There are more stories than any one person has time to make. Our stories are spun out in yarns and caught up with needles, twisted together into memories and stored in fabric. That is the nature of the world, you understand; infinite stories, waiting to be told, or made, or lived, and each of us has our tools for creating them...”

From artist and designer, Alexis Hoy, comes a hand spun tale of the magic of making. Story Maker is an illustrated short novel that includes 12 original knitting patterns inspired by the story.

Knit along with Rhoen as she follows her people's heritage back to a land lost to memory, where creativity has been throttled. At the home of the Story Maker, Rhoen begins to find answers and hope for her endangered village. But her quest has upset the land's tenuous political balance and Rhoen must use all her powers of making to ensure the safety of her family and her newfound friends.

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