The Era of the Orb Volume Two: The Core

The Era of the Orb Volume Two: The Core

Life. Death. Rebirth.

The Era of the Orb: Volume One is a thriller/sci-fi trilogy following multiple characters and their interconnected lives.

P24102 is trapped in a mysterious prison where death is impermanent. Every time P24102 meets their death in the prison, they wake up back in their cell.

Scarlett is a woman who discovers her blood acts as a medicine that can cure all forms of disease and injury. With the help of a team of investors, she tries to introduce her life-saving blood to the world.

J.B. Waltz is a detective investigating the kidnapping of a woman named May Contreras. After receiving a strange letter written in code and gaining access to the last few emails that May sent before her disappearance, Waltz discovers a greater unexpected mystery hidden beneath the surface.

Their lives are all intertwined in more ways than they may understand.

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