Family of Killers-Memoirs of an Assassin

Family of Killers-Memoirs of an Assassin

David Grant is pulled from his bed; he is seven. His father, freelancing for British intelligence, is identified while attempting to assassinate a terrorist. Now a wanted man, he must move his family from Northern Ireland to Canada.

Raised in the family’s business, David trains to be an assassin to eliminate those that can’t keep secrets. The family business sells weapons around the world, and hides those that need protection.

As a teen, David struggles with his future in the family business and his mother’s desire to have him live a customary life.

Nigel, the man that identified David’s father, entangles himself with David and his family again.

As an adult, David works for governments and organizations, doing the work they cannot. He continues to refine his skills as he learns about his family’s perplexing history.

While on a large job for the IRA, Nigel is caught and imprisoned.

David hunts Nigel as the family business grows and David’s skills are required around the world.

Finally, David has his opportunity to meet Nigel; only one of them will walk away from the encounter satisfied.

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