Guelph Versifiers of the 19th Century

Guelph Versifiers of the 19th Century

GUELPH VERSIFIERS OF THE 19TH CENTURY  is a comprehensive introduction to the poets and poetry of the City of Guelph before the year 1900. It includes some writers as famous as John Galt and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, some so obscure that even their names have not survived, and some who are no longer commonly known but who played an important part in the literary and cultural life of the city during their time. Together they comprise an interesting and significant insight into the history and culture of Guelph during its early years, a book that will both entertain the general reader and engage the serious scholar.

– "David J. Knight’s charming introductions to each poet and succinct footnotes shed tasteful light on the fascinating lives of these Guelph poets." – Mike Fan

– "If you like poetry and a bit of history check out this book." – Darcy Hiltz

– A review by Mike Fan in Bookshelf Reviews
– A review by Darcy Hiltz on Historically Guelph

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