Gloria Nye Releases New Book

Local author Gloria Nye has released a new collection of 19 short stories, Buried Treasures, published by Spiral Press, with the kindle edition free for the first three days.

Treat yourself to a mini oasis and enjoy a short story by the award winning author of the Dragonfly Series novels.

  • What’s a person to do when they wake up in the book they were reading?
  • What happens when a Quantum physicist meets the Easter Bunny?
  •  How does an aspiring actress deal with seventeen bossy crows?
  •  And is a young autistic man fated to live closed off forever from human connection? 

All of these, and more, await your reading pleasure when you have ten minutes while waiting for a bus or a train, on a coffee break, or just need some time out. 

Get your free copy here -