New Titles from One Thousand Trees

Guelph publisher One Thousand Trees has released some new titles:

  • 21 Cups, by Jenna Dakin - From the back cover: “A paralyzing stroke changed my life in a matter of seconds. To lose the past 21 years of memories made it seem like I was starting life over again in a world I knew nothing about. My recovery is never-ending but this is a glimpse into the first year of my new life.”
  • Like Ripples in a Pond, by Karen Destun - This book will take you through the joy and sadness of one family's life. A journey like no other. Learning to live with serious medical situations during their children's lives, only to be faced with incredible loss. A real life story of love and grief.
  • Monty and Me ... Become Good Friends, by Brenda Sullivan - The first in a series, Monty and Me ... Become Best Friends is about a little girl, Lucy, and her new puppy, Monty. Monty and Lucy develop a new-found friendship and a strong bond of love is built between them as they make a promise to care for one another.
  • My Unique Brother, by Carrie Cunningham & Abigail Berces - a story that helps you understand autism, and how to help someone who is on the spectrum. Whether they are non-verbal, or have some sensory sensitivities, this book can help you understand what they might be going through, and how you can help them feel comfortable in the world around them. It reminds you that differences are beautiful and should be celebrated.