New Titles from PS Guelph

Publication Studio Guelph has released two new titles –

In her debut poetry collection curved against the hull of a peterhead,Taqralik Partridge's measured voice wrestles with colonisation and racial violence while also reflecting rich sensory imagery—from the stain of blueberries, to the relationships of sisters and aunts, to a knowledge of the land. Named an "Inuit book bestie" by Inuit Art Quarterly, this is a collection to keep you company this summer.  Originally from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Quebec, and now living in Kautokeino, Norway, Partridge is an Inuk textile artist, curator, writer, and spoken word poet.

Lisa Hirmer's Forests Not Yet Here assembles writings from recent projects that explore human relationships with trees across different scales of time and how we can prepare for an increasingly uncertain future through practices of care. It was created through the Thread Residency program for the ArtsEverywhere Festival in Guelph in January 2020. Lisa Hirmer is an interdisciplinary artist who works across visual media, social practice, performance and writing.