Our Annual Fundraiser Kicks Off Today!

The Goal

Our goal at Vocamus Writers Community is to support the literary community in Wellington County, Ontario. So we provide all kinds of programming, including monthly writers' groups and hang-outs, annual retreats and workshops, the Book Bash Festival for local books, and personal coaching through the publishing process. And we do all of that for free!

The Challenge

The challenge is that we do all of that for free, and we do need to cover our operational expenses like insurance and the website and so forth. So we're asking our lovely community to contribute as you can at our campaign page here – https://fundrazr.com/b2JaA9?ref=ab_f7kb27.

The Swag

In return, we'll send you some great ebooks (and an audiobook) by local authors to thank you for your support. (And thanks to all the authors who donated their ebooks to the cause!)

  • The Ark of the Oven Mitt by James Gordon – Aan audiobook of a unique hybrid: part novel and part musical album that follows a rag-tag bunch of characters who find resolution and fulfillment after years of drifting along an endless highway.

  • The ETCH Anthology 2023 by the Guelph Public Library – A collection of stories and poems written by Guelph teens for the Guelph Public Library’s 2023 Teen Writing Contest.

  • Haunted Guelph by Bonnie Durtnall – explores the ghosts, ghoulies, and haunted places of Guelph, including the Albion Hotel, the Baker Street Parking Lot, the Armoury, the Courthouse, the old Correctional Centre, St. Joseph's Cemetery, and various Guelph churches, hotels/bars, schools and residences.

  • Insights for You that Fell Out of My Head by Richard Elmes – A collection of inspirational stories, poetry and thoughts designed to help his readers to think, take action and see the world in a new light.

  • Peregrines: Hunters's Moon by Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus –A standalone graphic novel set in the Peregrines universe, with the Peregrines team playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in the mountains of British Columbia.

  • Short Tales from a Tall Person by Marilyn Kleiber – A "thoroughly mixed bag" of short stories and poetry from the author of the The Pridden Saga.

  • Tequila Claus by Ferris Tremain – A fast-paced, holiday themed caper and the second book in the Mechanic Falls Gem Caper series. Romance competes with crime in a winter wonderland - what could possibly go wrong?

  • The Way I See Things by Ashley and Brenda Tindall – The true story of a mother and daughter, a caregiver and a patient, as they painstakingly endure the most challenging time of their lives.

  • This Withering Disease of Conflict by Ed Butts – The life of Herbert Philp of Guelph, a Guelph Herald reporter, through the lens of his letters home, which vividly describe his experience as a new recruit, a trumpeter, and a soldier on the field of battle.