VWC Releases Its 2019 Swag Bag!

Vocamus Writers Community has just released our 2019 rewards package. It’s a small token of our appreciation for all our generous supporters over the past year.

Those who donated at least $20 had their names included in our annual ETCH and Rhapsody anthologies.

Those who gave at least $50 received some great ebooks by local authors:

  • Kate Anderson-Bernier's A Gap in the Fence, provided by Arboretum Press – A period romance that tells a tale of love, loss, and atonement.

  • David Knight's In the Absence of Chocolate and David Knight & Scott McGovern’s Te Me, provided by Fenylalanine Publishing – Two chapbook length visual works.

  • The SHARING Anthology, provided by One Thousand Trees – The latest in a series of anthologies of inspirational writing, edited by Lisa Browning.

Supporters at the $100 level also received paperback copies of our annual anthologies:

  • ETCH, provided by Vocamus Press – Our very own annual collection of teen writing, produced in collaboration with the Guelph Public Library.

  • Rhapsody, provided by Vocamus Press – Our very own annual anthology of Guelph and area poetry, edited by Michael Kleiza.

Supporters at the $200 tier also received a selection of chapbooks by local authors:

  • Jeffrey Reid Pettis’ Citrus and Shadow, provided by Vocamus Press – A chapbook of lyric poetry, at once thoughtful and measured, deft and curious.

  • Jerry Prager’s Resonant with Lyric, provided by Vocamus Press – A long poem about coming of age and identity in Canada.

  • Jeremy Luke Hill’s Poetry of Thought, provided by the Elora Poetry Centre – A chapbook of poems drawn from the work of philosophers and theorists.

Supporters who donated more than $500 also received paperback copies of books from other local authors and publishers:

  • Anne Sutherland Brooks’ A Happy Rhymer, provide by Vocamus Press – The poetry of an almost forgotten Guelph poet, edited by Ed Butts.

  • Fifty Shades of Natural Gray, provided by Eve Publishing – A collection of tasteful erotic fiction written and poetry for older women by (mostly) older women.

  • A Flash of Silver-Green, provided by Publication Studio Guelph – A collection of stories about the nature of cities, edited by David Maddox, Curtis Walker, and Malerie Lovejoy, with an introduction by Ursula K. Heise.

We’d also like to thank all of those who supported the work of Vocamus Writers Community in any way in 2019. Your sponsorship helped us hold our annual Book Bash Festival, featuring more than thirty local books; offer our Free February Workshops; run our Fall Retreat; organize monthly writing groups; offer free manuscript consultations; promote dozens of book launches and readings; and feature more than twenty local poets in our Rhapsody 2019 anthology. We also welcomed fifteen new members into our community. We couldn’t have done any of that without your help.

We've got great things planned for next year too. If you’d like to support Vocamus Writers Community as we build Wellington County book culture (and get your hands of on next years reward package while you’re at it), you can check out our Fundrazr page – https://fundrazr.com/b1QuY8?ref=ab_f7kb27.