VWC Welcomes John Braden Speers

Vocamus Writers Community is pleased to welcome John Braden Speers.

John was born in Toronto, Ontario. His father was an immigrant from Belfast, Ireland who was a self-taught architect and school teacher. His mother was an established artist from Toronto, trained in a variety of mediums, who worked as a magazine illustrator and, later in life, as an art school proprietor in Simcoe, Ontario. Braden graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours B.A. in English literature and is a certified Technical Writer. He worked as a Network Administrator for much of his adult life. He is a student of mysticism and a long-standing member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.

He has written and published his first epic work of mystical poetry, The Wise Salmon: how we mastered The Beast and discovered ourselves, a small, mystical work of poetry that shows us how The Beast and those who serve it have usurped humanity’s divine birthright. We are now faced with a challenge. Do we accept the mark of The Beast and continue to serve it, or do we allow the light of the spirit to emerge from the darkness of The Beast’s all pervasive ego? This alchemical journey is an allegorical departure from our material existence within the shadow of The Beast and a movement toward a Utopian future if we allow the light of the spirit to guide our evolution away from the mundane world of illusion.