VWC Welcomes Maggie Morris

Vocamus Writers Community is pleased to welcome Maggie Morris.

Maggie Morris is a Canadian Army brat, who grew up amidst moving boxes in constantly changing locations and has now settled in her husband’s hometown of Guelph. The Scottish storytelling tradition looms large in her family. It might be the good dose of sheep-stealing and gun-running ne’er‑do‑wells in her family tree that have led her to explore misfits in her writing. It was definitely the self-absorbed Los Angeles screenwriter ex-boyfriend who, despite his many, many failings, gave such good city tours that she felt confident setting many of her novels there. Maggie is represented by Rena Rossner of the Deborah Harris Agency. She has a BA in French and German language and literature from the University of Toronto and a Publishing Certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University. She works as a freelance fiction editor under the name The Indie Editor and has the pleasure of working with not only bestselling independent authors but also with Penguin Random House Canada. Maggie has studied under Kelley Armstrong at UofT’s Summer Writing School. Maggie teaches writing and revision seminars both in person and online for organizations such as Toronto Romance Writers, Ottawa Romance Writers, the Toronto Public Library, and the University of Guelph Writers Workshop.

You can find more about Maggie on her Vocamus Writers Community profile page – https://vocamus.net/community/authors/maggie-morris.