Kivioq's Journey

Kivioq's Journey


The Donald Forster Sculpture Park is one of the most diverse of its kind in Canada, featuring forty-one outdoor installations by prominent Canadian and international artists on a 2.5-acre site adjacent to the Art Gallery of Guelph.

In Kivioq's Journey and Other Revelations in the Donald Forster Sculpture Park at the Art Gallery of Guelph, Judith Nasby takes readers on a pilgrimage through the largest sculpture park at a public gallery in Canada to learn about the imposing sculptures, culturally significant monuments, and playful interactive installations that have found a home at the park. She introduces the park's wide range of contributors, including Canadian settler artists (Walter Bachinski, FASTWÜRMS, Gu Xiong), Indigenous artists (Mary Anne Barkhouse, William Noah, Don Russell), and international artists (Kosso Eloul, Diane Maclean), and she delves into the methods and meanings behind the park's bronze and stone artworks. Throughout the journey, she reveals not only the sculptures' relation to each other, but also their harmonious synergy within the landscape and history of this unique and inspiring site.


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