Karavalitz - The Demonhuntress, Vol 1

Karavalitz - The Demonhuntress, Vol 1

Assassins left Alexis a widow before she was 19, under supernatural circumstances in the medieval ruins of Karavalitz Castle.

Left alone, and lost, thoughts of leaving this world tempt her, but escape eludes her. And how can she track down deviant killers who have reached into her world from an earlier century?

This surreal Gothic tale in the classical style of Frankenstein explores the thin boundary between our world and the other side. Escape from this world for a while with Alexis, as she becomes the Demonhuntress.

"With a solid character and plot being established The Demonhuntress is an impressive debut. With the introduction of a woman demon slayer whose adventures will continue in future installments and enough mystery and suspense to keep the reader intrigued for more, creator P. Linnaeus has created a story that is a refreshing addition to the gothic genre."

- Granite City Comic Culture

Available in English & French.

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