The Forbidden Path

The Forbidden Path

The Forbidden Path is the third in the Dragonfly Series.

A buried fire burns the longest. In 1650 Germany, fear and superstitions run high. A mother is dragged off and burned as a witch while her 8-year-old daughter, Emma, frantically races to her. An uncle, unable to save his sister, rescues the shocked child and takes her safely to England. Emma buries the terrible memory deep inside and grows into a beautiful young woman. Unafraid, Emma challenges society’s sexual boundaries and for protection is forced into a sham marriage. But then she finds true love. Jealousy and secrets explode, threatening the life of the one she loves.Darkness falls over the land when the Black Plague returns killing thousands, including her dear foster mother. A small fire in a London bakery grows into a raging inferno burning the city and tearing open Emma’s deeply buried memory. Terrified, she runs headlong into the fire to save her lover. Will she succeed? Or will she succumb to the fire burning in her soul?

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