Nothing Sacred - a divine comedy

Nothing Sacred - a divine comedy

Meet Earl Grey, a down-on-his-luck small-time newspaper reporter. Earl is a bit of an unreliable mess, albeit loveable, if absolutely necessary.

Much to Earl's complete lack of surprise, he is suddenly assigned a story even worse than his everyday mundane drudgery. Two days after the earth-shattering arrival of an alleged God in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2005, Earl is appointed as Media Liaison to this extremely ungodlike man. A man who has been busy bestowing miracles since his rescue in the Arizona desert clad only in Armani.

With 'God' renamed John Doe and sequestered in a secure hospital room, Earl finds himself with exclusive access short of medical staff members. And with great access comes great demand, as Earl quickly discovers - meeting a feast of both loveable and despicable characters - each one not entirely what they seem. But one thing's certain, they all want something from this newly arrived deity and plan to go through Earl to get it. But Earl, a lifelong atheist, remains skeptical and sets about digging into the true identity and purpose of this compelling bedridden man before His short time on earth runs out.

Thrust into global celebrity and a massive mid-life course correction, Earl becomes overwhelmed, paranoid, and plagued with crippling self-doubt. With no less than human extinction at stake, he races to reveal John Doe's true intent while uncovering an astonishing truth about himself in the process.


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