Epitaph: Full Circle

Even when you think you know, you don't.

On the Côte d'Azur, Russian billionaire Grisha Orlov is still mourning the death of his son when he receives a call from his granddaughter, Aleksandra, who is studying abroad in Toronto. Her techie boyfriend leaked per personal information onlline, and with the drug cartel El Viruñas behind her father's death, she's worried for her safety. Meanwhile, back in France, Canadian lawyer Juliette also fears her life is in danger.With the means to help, Lucy and Kent Gillespie offer both Aleksandra and Juliette refuge, and their neighbours and friends come to their aid. But all the while, someone else is plotting their death as well.

While serving his sentence in a French prison, art forger Nathan Bellamy arranges the killing of those he holds responsible—and that includes Lucy and Kent. Things only get heavier when Aleksandra's friends are kidnapped. Detective Inspector Brennan is about to retire but decides to take on one final case and find the kidnappers before it's too late. But that's not the only case to solve; there's another—one nearly a century old.

When Lucy takes Sandra and Juliette to the secluded L'Orté Island for protection, they find a boat wreck and, near it, a mysterious key. Will Lucy finally unlock all that's been hidden for nearly a hundred years? Or will those after her and her friends finally get their revenge?

Wonderfully crafted, captivating, and deliciously deceptive, Epitaph: Full Circle is the final instalment in The Awen Chronicles trilogy.

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