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J. A. GIBBENS is the author of The Awen Chronicles, a cross-genre trilogy of mystery and suspense, involving themes more often associated with literary novels. Although involved in various creative arts, J. A. Gibbens studied science at the University of Waterloo, obtaining a BSc (Honours) in Biology and Chemistry in 1973, and a BEd from Queen’s University in Kingston. She has worked at a government research lab in Saskatoon and in the Pathology Lab of a Kitchener hospital. After graduation she travelled solo in the Middle East, and later married. She joined the staff at Guelph’s Centennial CVI and taught there for twelve years, after which she remarried and entered the field of finance, establishing a financial services business with her partner.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou.

For many years, J. A. Gibbens wrote for herself, consolidating the observations, experiences and musings she collected throughout her life. A reduction in travel opportunities provided time to focus on writing and the result was the completion of the first two books of a trilogy: Book 1–L’Orté Point; and Book 2–Cow on the Ice: ko på isen. With the release of Book 3–Epitaph: Full Circle in 2023, The Awen Chronicles were complete. All were published through Friesen Press.

She currently lives in Wellington County with her husband––and a woodchuck that lives under their deck.

J. A.'s author site – www.gibbensauthor.ca
J.A.'s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/gibbensauthor


Epitaph: Full Circle "A fizzy and fast-paced conclusion to a complicated family saga. Gibbens concludes her multigenerational family drama series with this eventful thriller. . . . The tangles of the plot involving powerful, plotting lawyer Langston Garner and surprisingly adventurous architect Kent Gillespie branch elegantly throughout the narrative. The author throws herself into narrating this sprawling, complicated story with tremendous gusto and a sharp skill at drawing characters: “Spencer liked desperation,” readers learn of Garner’s private investigator; “it fed his business enterprise. His clients were pushed beyond their limits by situations that had suddenly gotten out of hand—leading to desperation for them and opportunity for him.” This kind of quippy phrasing runs throughout the novel, although neither this nor the fleet pacing can save the proceedings from third-book syndrome: Too much of the plot will be all but incomprehensible to readers who aren’t familiar with at least the previous volume in the series. Newcomers shouldn’t start here. A fizzy and fast-paced conclusion to a complicated family saga." Kirkus Review Posted Online: May 11, 2023

Cow on the Ice: ko på isen "Gibbens once again delivers an engaging mystery, returning to the dynamic character of Lucy Gillespie with a whodunit that offers bigger twists and more compelling villains. Astrid and her friends Lilly and Juji are intriguing new players who bring a challenging new mystery into Lucy’s life. The characters feel like real people, and the story that surrounds them is immersive and suspenseful throughout. The two distinct storylines initially feel jarring and estranged from each other, but this is remedied as the tale goes on. The characters eventually complement one another well, and they bring the work to a satisfying conclusion."—Kirkus Review Posted Online: Feb. 2, 2023

L'Orté Point "…Gibbens has crafted a gripping series opener with unpredictable yet believable twists and turns.  Lucy's family's history is reminiscent of a gothic horror story while her own drama resembles a modern thriller.  The author skillfully mixes the dark doings of her unsavory characters with more lighthearted scenes between Lucy and her loved ones.  Almost all of the players feel realistic, with intricate and credible character arcs.  The tale's villain is somewhat one-dimensional, but when the antagonist plays off such engaging heroes as Lucy and Gracie, the dialogue and the characters' reactions make up for it. A complex, riveting thriller about shocking family secrets."—Kirkus Reviews Issue: Nov. 1, 2022





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