Acting Off-Script

Acting Off-Script

Autumn has come to Grant’s Crossing, bringing the Annual Fall Fair, Halloween, and a murder.

An unused cinema on the main street has been undergoing renovations, but work comes to a halt when a woman’s body is discovered buried beneath construction materials. There is no shortage of suspects, but when Alysha’s partner, Jeff Iverson, is questioned, then it becomes personal to her, and Leven Lodge.

The murder in Grant’s Crossing affects more than one relationship – one with a deadly outcome. Amid their preparations for the Annual Fall Fair, and Halloween, Leven Lodge’s residents have more than enough to keep them busy. Minnie has returned and a new couple have also settled into life at the lodge.

The colourful characters who call Leven Lodge home will see some changes, for Alysha most of all. But with the support of Dianne, and Jan, she learns how to Stand Fast and weather the storms this season brings.

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