Beholden to None

Beholden to None

P.I. Dorothy Dennehy takes on her first major case since the death of her fiancé, and partner, Paul Webster. The case takes her to Detroit, and involves one of her own team. There are life threatening implications for all. Corruption at City Hall and a prestigious law firm lead to murder. Can she save her top investigator from an unrepentant criminal’s thirst for revenge?

"Readers who enjoy contemporary mysteries by an author who draws villains as skillfully as the good guys, will love Beholden to None, the third book in the captivating Dorothy Dennehy Mystery series. Grief-stricken after the death of her fiancé, P.I. Dorothy Dennehy seeks distraction in a new case. She journeys to Detroit where she delves into a decades-old crime of corruption and murder. With a member of her team at risk, Dorothy is determined to find the proof that will finally deliver justice for the victims, no matter how many rungs on Detroit’s political ladder she has to shake. The tension in this deftly-woven story ramps up page by page as Dorothy and her investigators gather the evidence that will bring down the ruthless masterminds. The ending provides one final twist and leaves the reader satisfied and eager for the next Dorothy Dennehy adventure." Award Winning Author - Gloria Ferris     

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