Tequila Claus

Tequila Claus

It’s Shaping up to be a Blue Christmas.    

Days before Christmas, the worst snowstorm in two decades strands guests and staff at the Diamant Hills Conference Centre in Mechanic Falls.  A Police Chiefs’ convention and a real estate symposium are in full swing, but that doesn’t deter a jewel-loving thief from robbing the guest rooms of valuables.

Three of the law enforcement professionals are confident they have the intruder in their sights, and they’ll nail him before the roads clear. But Tori, Bliss, and Alysha - their determined and resourceful civilian partners – are certain the culprit is someone else entirely. The men increase surveillance to capture the camera-dodging thief while the women hatch a better plan over tequila shots and Christmas cookies. A classic competition between the sexes plays out in the stormbound conference centre and could put more than one holiday romance on ice.

Underlying the fast-paced investigation is a long-hidden secret, known only to a handful, that will affect them all. Tori, Bliss, and Alysha – two of them victims of the thief – decide to blast the secret wide open. At the right moment.      

Which team will solve the crime and recover the gems before the storm ends and the culprit escapes? Whose Christmas could be cancelled this year?

Tequila Claus is a fast-paced, holiday themed caper. A special Christmas short and the second book in the Mechanic Falls Gem Caper series. Romance competes with crime in a winter wonderland - what could possibly go wrong?

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