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Marilyn Kleiber is an author of fantasy novels. She has been writing since grade school, and attended a variety of Seminars, including those of John Truby, Ed Greenwood, Zoltan Barabas, Brian Henry, Richard Scarsbrook, and many others. Marilyn has mentored new authors, written blogs, online newsletters, newspaper and magazine articles, and has produced a number of short movies, both for pleasure and as Book trailers.  She has taught courses on writing about:  Characters, Points-of-view, plotting, and story structure at a number of locations, and she taught a world building course for the University of Guelph Writer's conference. She has been a member of groups speaking at festivals, including CanCon in Ottawa, Kingston, and Ad Astra in the Toronto area.  She is putting the finishing touches to Book six of the Pridden Series, which will be released at the end of 2023.

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