Autumn Walker-Duncan

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AUTUMN WALKER-DUNCAN  is a writer/illustrator and is an honor graduate of the Toronto Film School for Script Writing. She has a loving fiancé and an even more loving dog.

I enjoy horseback riding, swimming, video, and board games, television, movies both animated & anime, and of course reading.

Autumn Walker-Duncan grew up in a small town in Wellington County, Ontario, called Belwood. She spent the majority of her childhood buried in a book or on the back of a horse.

Autumn started writing short stories when she was four years old and continued to work on her stories throughout her school career. Autumn’s dream is to spread the wonder of the imagination to anyone willing to dream.

Autumn is the Founder of Serene Autumn Vignettes & Illustrations. Autumn writes in various mediums such as graphic novels, children’s books, poetry, and short stories. She says, “I have always enjoyed losing myself in the stories written by others growing up and wanted to create worlds for future generations to lose themselves in.”

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Narcissus' Flower (2018)
All Hail the Phantom Mosquito (2014)
For the Love of God (2014)
A Familiar Nightmare (2014)