Vocamus Writers Community Authors - Mystery

Alison Bruce

ALISON BRUCE is a writer of mysteries, romantic suspense, and historical western romance.

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Nikki Everts

NIKKI EVERTS is a writer of poetry and mystery.

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Gloria Ferris

GLORIA FERRIS is a writer of mysteries with a twist of humour.

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Albert Marsolais

ALBERT MARSOLAIS is a writer of historical mysteries.

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Marco Muzzi

MARCO MUZZI is a writer of mystery and crime fiction.

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C. S. O'Cinneide

C. S. O'CINNEIDE is a writer of crime fiction & literary thrillers

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Corrie Shoemaker

CORRIE SHOEMAKER is a writer of both academic and creative writing.

Donna Warner

DONNA WARNER is an author of thriller novels.

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